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Rubbish/Waste Removals
We are Manchester’s Most Efficient Rubbish Removals Service. If you are looking for a Waste and Rubbish Removals Service that is reliable, efficient and won’t cost the world, we are your choice!
Home Clearance
Chris and Van offers you the most affordable home clearance service in Manchester. To provide you with an accurate quote for this service, you may need to send us photos of your home. If necessary, we may visit your property to perform a pre-clearance check.
Here at Chris & Van, we provide you with a decent idea of how much storage space you need per time based on how we think your properties can stack together, so you can save money for other important things too. Our Storage Services are suitable for Students, Homes and Businesses alike.
Single Items removal
We offer an affordable service for moving single items from one place to the other. If you’re looking to move a single large item, for example, your sofa, Fridge, Freezer or Large TV Screen, we can ensure this is done safely and at a competitive price.
Student Moves
Whether you’re heading to resume in the University or you’ve passed with distinction and looking to head home, or just moving to a new home or building, we ensure we help you move all your items and/or properties conveniently and safely. Don’t forget to safely stick your PlayStation 4 console in there too.
Home Moves/House Removals
Moving home can sometimes be a stressful experience. We understand this and we use our expertise to ensure your home move is as stress-free as possible. Whether you’re just looking to move as an individual or you want to move your whole family, we have expertise and tools to make it seamless
Business Moves
Business is booming and perhaps you need to move your office to a more strategic area. Whatever may be the reason for moving, our experienced staff would ensure the safe collection and delivery of your office property and equipment. All you need to do is let us know beforehand and we can plan specifically for you.
Regular Deliveries
We deliver goods and stocks for various businesses at schedule periods which could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Should your business require repeated and schedule delivery or collection services, Chris is your man.
Emergency Couriers
Our AIRFAST services have been designed for customers who need their goods delivered urgently.
Fast Delivery
24/7 Support